The Duplicator

Duplicator HOW TO:

The Duplicator contains a group of 4 Blueprints that communicate with each other and 2 that interact with the other 4.
To make them communicate wel you have to do the following:

Give the Blueprints that ask for TAG in there details panel all the same name (like the letter ‘A’).


They need this to communicate  and to differentiate from each other if you would like to use multiple Duplication setups


The Switch hold the most settings and gives them to al the other BP’s


– Linking Tag: The name that is given to the BP Switch (Be sure to give this name to all the other BP to)

– Allow Reset: You could give the duplicator a duplication limit. With Reset to TRUE it will duplicate unlimited

-Duplicate Limit: The amount of time the duplicator can duplicate. Works only with Reset set to FALSE

– Spawn Delay: The amount of time it takes to spawn the duplicated class. Is set to 2 seconds because of animation within the meshes. Could be adjusted to your own animations or set to ‘0’ for inkstand duplication

– Functional Radius: This is very important!
The BP’s send out a Sphere trace to check if there counter parts are in the vicinity. So this radius mus always be larger than the range between the Duplicator BP’s.

Teh Switch and the pick-Up object react to the ‘F’ key on you key board (if you are close enough).
This can of course be easily changed to your own inputs.


If you have questions don’t hesitate to email me. Please do not use the MarketPlace for communication for i check that not very often.