The Teleporter

Welcome to The Teleporter Documentation
You’ll find the Blueprints in the Blueprint folder
Be sure to check the Settings in the Details panel when you place the Teleport Platforms
The Platforms can be changed in 3 types:
1- Instant Teleportation: This is it’s base setting
2- Internal Activation: Activates when the player stands on it and clicks the F key
The input for F can be changed for your own.
3-External Activation: When both Internal and External are activated the Teleporter can activated from a different position.
Here are the settings explained for each Blueprint
The Teleporter
- Teleport Destination: Choose a next Teleporter or any other actor in the scene to teleport to
– Teleportation Platform Radius: This is the activation radius that triggers the teleporter
- Teleportation Delay: Makes the Teleporter activate with a delay
- Internal Activation: Makes the Teleporter activate after a Input Event by the Player
- External Activation: Lets the Player activate the Teleporters from a distance. (Need Internal and Block Player are set to bTrue)
- Block Player: Lets you Block the Player so you can only teleport Objects. necessary to make the External Activation work correctly.
- Entry Particles: Choose to see Particles when you enter a Teleporter. Not really advised with instant teleportation.
- Glow gives a nice Glow at the edge of the Teleport Platform.
The External Activator
Activation Radius: Set the radius in which the Player van Activate the Activator.
Teleportation Actor
- Teleportation Mesh: Replace this with your own mesh
- Teleportation Hit Radius: This Radius creates the hit event for the teleportation to be successful. make it larger than the teleportation mesh.
- Simulate Physics: Allows you to choose if teleportation objects have physics or not.
Here is a list of the limitations of the Teleporters:
- Don’t teleport more than 1 object at a time. This means also the Player.
- Don’t make the activation radius smaller than 100, especially when you ar using a intand teleportation (so without a activation Event).
– Object may not touch a teleport before the beginning of the map so either let them drop from a height on the platform or let the player put them inside a Teleporter during game play.